A Prayer for the Dead: But Not Really

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The following Player Characters, in no particular order, lost their lives in pursuit of the dread cult of Elemental Evil:

Myra Farrowdell, who vomited for freedom, truth and justice. Lvl 9 Elf Wizard 1/Cleric 1/Mystic Theurge 7
Cause of Death: Eaten by the terrible Tojanida, while attempting to save her Ursa pal Beary from a similar fate by Polymorphing into a 9-Headed Hydra.

Gaddock, who laid down his life for his friends. Lvl 5 Halfling Ranger 5
Cause of Death: Turned to stone by a Cockatrice.

Vincent Astryker, AKA Stryke, who left his mark. Lvl 6 Star Elf Sorcerer 6
Cause of Death: Utterly destroyed by an ancient, grouchy Umber Hulk.

Sir Gyllium Whitebranche, AKA Sir Gyl, who laid his life on the line for his friends. Lvl 6 Aasimar Paladin 6
Cause of Death: Mutilated beyond recognition by an ancient, angry Umber Hulk.

Reynaldo Tymntonn was the first to die in pursuit of the dastardly cult. The covenant of do-gooders continues under the banner of Reynaldo’s sacrifice! Lvl 3 Human Wizard 3/Fighter 1
Cause of Death: Electrocuted by an annoyed young blue dragon in a truly spectacular fashion.

Gimble Steelson died alongside his friend Reynaldo in the Battle at the Moathouse. Lvl 4 Dwarf Cleric 4
Cause of Death: Young blue dragon electrocution.

Beary died fighting the forces of Elemental Evil when he touched an altar that, as far as his comrades can tell, ate him. Lvl 11 Ursa Barbarian.
Cause of Death: Eaten by evil altar.

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A Prayer for the Dead: But Not Really

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